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Launches and Orbital Operations

Tyneside, UK
2014 Nov 24
Monday, Day 328

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Go For Launch!

'Go For Launch' uses a Google Calendar for the information that is usually shown here. Unfortunately, access to the programming routines being used by has been switched off by Google.

By way of explanation - Google Calendar is the diary I use for all and personal events. Using Google Calendar allowed this page to be edited very easily from any one of several computers/devices including a tablet and a mobile phone. Any changes were reflected immediately on the web page.

The events list was extracted from Google Calendar using Google's API version 2. The basic computer program was written by a third party and I adapted it to produce the information I needed. Google has switched off API version 2.

API version 3 is now available but is totally different and seems much more complex. As a space hobbyist, I simply do not have the spare time to devote to learning yet another programming language.

An alternative would be to export the Google Calendar data to a database and run it separately from my personal diary system. It would be time consuming because of the need for many data format changes and writing/formatting the necessary queries. It would create more work to maintain and it would lose its immediacy because it would be updated daily rather than in near real time - an unacceptable backward step.

"Go For Launch" will be unavailable for the foreseeable future. It may return but it depends on me finding someone with the right programming knowledge and a sense of generosity.

Robert Christy

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