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Launches and Orbital Operations

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2020 Feb 17
Monday, Day 48

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This page looks forward at launches, on-orbit, re-entry and landing events of satellites and spacecraft. It begins at the the three month point where dates start become distinctly vague and information is equally unreliable.

Dates and times are in UTC and are derived from a mix of open sources and private contacts within the industry. Notes are prepared through a combination of research and information released by satellite owners, operators and manufacturers, space agencies and launch service providers.

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Zafar 2 Launch
Simorgh, Imam Khomeini SC, Semnan, Iran
No earlier than
2020 Jun 1
Imaging remote sensing satellite for monitoring natural resources, and agricultural and environmental developments. Also carries a low-bandwidth messaging broadcasting system. Expected orbit 530 km, 54° inclination. Replacement for satellite lost when the Simorgh launch vehicle delivered insufficient speed to achieve orbit 2020 Feb 9.

Amazonia 1 Launch
PSLV, Satish Dhawan SC, India
No earlier than
2020 Jun 1
Indigenous Brazilian imaging and remote sensing satellite for civil use.

Nahid 1 launch
Zoljanah, Ayatollah Khomeni SC, Iran
Approximate date
2020 Jun 15
Reportedly a comsat but the orbit is low for such a mission. Aimed at 250km, 54° inclination. First mission for new solid propellant launch vehicle.

Comsat + Space Drone 1 & 2 Launch
Proton-M + Briz-M, Baikonur
Approximate date
2020 Jun 30
Launch is not firm. Primary satellite for the launch not yet announced. Launch is dependent on a contract being concluded for sale of the launch slot. Space Drone Pair of 400-kilogram spacecraft (1m x 1m x 1.25m) will fly as the secondary payload on the launch. Each is equipped with a universal capture system to allow docking with a host satellite in geosynchronous orbit. The spacecraft will use electric propulsion to take over the station-keeping and attitude-control maneuvers of the joint stack. Potential missions for the Space Drone vehicles include station-keeping, relocation, deorbiting, orbit correction, inclination correction and ‘bringing into use’ (BIU). Target satellites for the pair are not yet known. Launch date subject to considerable refinement.

Boeing 747 + LauncherOne, Guam, western Pacific Ocean
No earlier than
2020 Jul 1
Air Force Research Laboratory satellite.

GISat (GEO Imaging Satellite) 12R
GSLV Mk2, Satish Dhawan SC, india
No earlier than
2020 Jul 1
Indian imaging satellite for geosynchronous orbit for monitoring ground events, particularly in connection with natural disasters.

Progress MS-13 Departure
ISS Russian segment, on orbit
No earlier than
2020 Jul 1
Undocking from Pirs module followed by destructive re-entry above southern Pacific Ocean

ExoMars 2020 Launch
Proton-M + (Briz-M)?, Baikonur SC, Russia
No earlier than
2020 Jul 15
Note - not confirmed whether mission will be ready to depart in the 2020 launch window. Joint ESA and Roscosmos Mars exploration mission. Russian lander/surface station will carry joint Roscosmos/ESA surface rover.

Mars 2020 Launch
Atlas V 541, Cape Canaveral AFS, USA
No earlier than
2020 Jul 17, 13:00 UTC
NASA Mars rover to seek signs of habitable conditions on Mars in the ancient past, and search for evidence of past microbial life. Time is the opening of a daily window of 100 minutes. Project website: Opening date of 2020 launch window to Mars that extends to Aug 5.

China - Mars Mission Launch
CZ 5, Xichang SC, China
Approximate date
2020 Jul 23
Two part spacecraft - orbiter and lander.

SpaceX Dragon CRS-21
Falcon 9, Kennedy SC
Approximate date
2020 Aug 5
Supplies to ISS, plus cargo return.

Gonets-M Launch
Soyuz-2 1B, Plesetsk SC, Russia
No earlier than
2020 Sep 1
Cluster of three Gonets-M store/forward communications satellites for LEO. Gonets notes:

Soyuz MS-16 Return to Earth
ISS ==> Kazakhstan
Approximate date
2020 Oct 1
Carrying Nikolai Tikhonov, Andrei Babkin and a NASA astronaut. NASA TV coverage:

Soyuz MS-17 Launch
Soyuz-2 1A, Baikonur SC
Approximate date
2020 Oct 14
Anatoli Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner (Roscosmos) and Stephen Bowen (NASA) to ISS. NASA TV coverage:

Chandrayaan 3
GSLV MkIII, Satish Dhawan SC, India
No earlier than
2020 Nov 1
Follow on from the Chandrayaan 2 mission that crash landed on the Moon 2019 September. Will carry the Vikram 2 lunar rover.

Military/Government Payload
Minotaur 1 (NROL-111), Wallops FC, USA
2020 Nov 1
Payload details awaited.

China - Mars Mission Arrival
No earlier than
2021 Feb 15
Two part spacecraft. One vehicle into orbit and one to land on the. surface.

ExoMars 2020 Arrival
No earlier than
2021 Feb 15
Two part spacecraft in joint ESA and Roscosmos mission. Russian lander/surface station carrying joint Roscosmos/ESA rover.

Mars 2020 Arrival
2021 Feb 18
Landing from direct approach to Jezero Crater.

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