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Tyneside, UK
2021 Dec 8
Wednesday, Day 342

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2021-076 SMA


Launch used a Soyuz-2 B + Fregat combination. Satellites were released in batches of four with a short firing of the Fregat stage between each. Release times for each batch were 04:17, 04:24, 04:43, 05:02, 05:22, 05:51, 06:00, 06:17 and 06:48 UTC. UTC.

The Fregat engine was then used to cause its own re-entry above the eastern Pacific Ocean.

A detailed entry covering the launch can be found in the launch list for 2021.

The Fregat merits an entry in the Space-Track Catalogue because it completed multiple circuits of the Earth. However, recent history suggests it is unlikely to receive one.

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